Can gamification help us to create a more engaging further education?


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Fitocracy is an online game and social network that aims to use gamification to help users improve their fitness.Do you remember these hours and hours that maybe you, your colleges or friends spent voluntarily on playing World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Farmwille or playing footbal or weekly poker events? Do you realize how deeply engaged they were, when playing their preffered game? Would it not be great if our adult learners could be as engaged as the World of Warcraft players, or as concentrated as a players of chess?

In these days, we often hear about the buzzing concept of gamification. Gamification describes, what are the elements, mechanics and principles behind games that make us so engaged and how to apply these to non-game context. The basic purpose is to make our real-life tasks  more engaging.
It may sound as utopia at the first moment, but successful gamified systems like Quest to learn, Khan academy, SCVNGR,Superbetter orFitocracy are telling us, that if designed properly…

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