Whats my class

Institutions have divided students up by giving them tests and then grading them like fruit, big oranges to the left and small ugly oranges for the juicer, does this reflect who the person is and what they know. Tests and grades are only the tiniest fraction of what makes each person in that class different. If the student doesn’t know what they are good at and how they themselves learn best then what we need is an observant teacher on engaged in the theories of learning and the student. The ‘Flipped classroom’ for me is working with students who just happen to be in a class that is probably already graded and sorted into different sized fruit. I once read that lecturers decide on a student’s ability in the first day, they categorises them, and it is very hard for a student to change that initial grading system. Age and culture, if not also social class and gender already sort them. Perhaps the age of the classroom is behind us and the time for a paradigm shift is here.


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